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i think my main problem w high fantasy elves is that they often take their template from tolkien elves, which are elves designed to compliment/”fit in” with classic english (notions of) forests, while as an aussie my idea of forests…


hi dudes, basically im bored and i have a bunch of useless/useful websites that i want to share with everyone!!! so i spent a few hours making this list of all my fave helpful websites. yeya i hope you guys find these helpful! reblog and add this post to your ref or whatever
fashion, makeup, hair 
woah eyeliner trick
messy bun tutorial!?!
omg gradient lips tutorial
make up tips master post!
make up hacks
spoon tutorial
fashion guide/vocabulary
Super duper easy recipes 
chocolate brownie in a cup!!!
cookie in a cup!!!
all sorts of easy snacks
idk some apple thingy
chocolate stuff
25 hot chocolate recipes c:
36 kinds of ice blocks you can make
icing colouring guide
alternatives to ‘said’
wanna know which author you write like?
need to remember a word?
read/post fanfics
read/post stories
some writing tips
emotions vocab chart
School help
how to look like you’re typing an essay
study tips
learn stuff on youtube!
how to survive the finals
math problem solver
another math problem solver
homework help
stress analyst 
when to sleep/wake up
free microsoft word alternative 
How to
improve self esteem
love yourself
make a fake tweet
make a gif
help someone with anxiety
Art/drawing/colouring blah 
how to draw hands
skin palette
how to draw folds
how to draw realistic hair
ruffles tutorial
plait/braid tutorial
SAI hair colouring tutorial
face angle and shading
how to colour
background masterposts here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here
pixels here, here, here and here
x kit
missing e
simple themes
HTML help
updates tab!
floating bubbles for your blog
post limit checker
When you’re bored
silk - interactive generative art
what should i do today?!?!
a list of movies with links
list of scary movies
list of teen movies
bunch of cool things
learn new things masterlist
Nice sounds
nature sounds
coffee shop


this took like five minutes to do and thats how easy it should be. hope this helps in anyway?

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any resources or books with merpeople?


I certainly do, although not much. From the looks of things, you might need to get your most detailed information out of books. Here’s what I have:






The fake Animal Planet documentary is flooded with criticism, but I think it’s inspirational/entertaining if nothing else. Also note it includes the notion of a corpse being secured and dissected, for those where such a trigger warning would apply.

As for the MerNetwork and such… the reason I’ve linked these sites is because members of the MerNetwork are likely to know way more on this topic than anybody else. There’s always a chance you could find interesting or inspirational discussions on these sites. That said, be respectful and kind and remember you’re not entitled to anything from anyone. Generally, we have lovely followers and I know the majority of people don’t set out to hurt others, but  if you find you’re really unable to suppress the urge to share a negative opinion, do it somewhere out of the way and please don’t send in asks about it either. Although it’s of my understanding that merpeople are not otherkin, there are some correlations in regards to lifestyle and beliefs, which is why I have included ‘Otherkin’ in the title (plus, some may identify as otherkin, whereas some may not).

Otherwise, that’s all I can think of in terms of researching merpeople. I hope this helps (and if I’ve causes offence in any way, please let me know…)

- enlee


freshwater mermaids and saltwater mermaids. marsh mermaids and swamp mermaids and bog mermaids. mermaids in coral reefs and hot springs and mermaids from the arctic

mermaids (⌒▽⌒)☆

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salt water mermaids communicating in clicks and whistles

young swamp mermaids croaking like frogs to scare smaller frogs

arctic mermaids mimicking animal sounds so they can catch prey for both food and their pelts

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tattoo artist who can encode magic into tattoos but doesn’t want people to know she can so she just puts low-level luck spells on her clients’ bodies without telling them

jeweller who makes body jewellery and pendants which have amulet properties…

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someone remind me what these are called….. i want one now

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A delightful fuck-ton of mermaid anatomy references.

A bit of a talk-through; Consider how natural swimming is to mermaids/men. When swimming, they often won’t be utilizing their hands and arms to help them move forward, ‘cause they’re adept to using their tails and want to keep their arms free for multitasking. Of course there are situations where it’s required, like when fighting currents and twisting around. Because they’re swimming on a horizontal, their heads will be turned upward, just like if we humans were standing vertically looking up to the sky. Mer-peoples’ chests are often puffed outward, because the arms are typically pulled back behind them (just like when humans are told to “sit up straight and show good posture” by rolling the shoulders back). Do keep in mind that the GIFs above don’t show full tail movement, as human legs don’t bend outward; mer-tails will be like the side-to-side fish swimming motion, but flipped to the side (if that made any goddamn sense). Don’t forget they’ll be breathing underwater (and maybe on land, depending if you want to grant them that ability)! Are you giving ’em gills, or are the human lungs somehow acclimatized to breathing water? Think about whether you’re designing a mermaid for practicality or aesthetics; if it’s gonna be practical, their hair will more than likely be cut short or tied up, ‘cause, though swimming with long hair isn’t too difficult, it tangles wicked easily and can impede sight (in the ocean, a mere second can cost you). Of course we all like the long flowing hair (I do too), but that’s just something to think about. (Be aware that good haircuts on land might not be good underwater, and vice versa. Consider how the water will affect the hair movement.) And designing the fins, too. Think about whether you’re splicing them with another sea creature or if they’re a new design entirely. Think about how you want them to swim and how the fins will help that work. Also, depending on how “cultured” you want ‘em to be, they probably won’t be wearing clothing, because no other creature under the sea does. But, then again, they’ve been in contact with humans (otherwise there would be no myths and rumours), so maybe they took after us. Who knows. Just food for thought. (Merpeople can be creepy as fuck, too; they don’t have to be these gentle maidens.) And of course, there’s the reproductive/excretive system. If we assume mermaids take after whales, the genitalia will be just about ”mid-shin” level in front. Some people put it at the end of the tail (between the two fins), and some make the fish half disappear slightly at the waist to expose “human” genitalia. You can get creative with it, since they’re mythical creatures. Maybe their belly-buttons are also anuses. Who really knows. “What about merman genitalia?” Look up “male whale genitalia” on Google, or “male fish genitalia.” That might help.

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My new animated project - Golden

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